Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives of B & A Packaging India Ltd

From the initial pronouncement of CSR obligations , the Company has taken one step forward to implement its CSR initiatives not merely as fulfilment of annual obligations but as a true genre of social initiative to uplift health and education of a small fraction of the society surroundings its works at Balasore.

The thrust area of the CSR initiatives of the Company has remained in child education and support initiatives in health and hygiene. Apart from those the Company has been actively contributing to building of local infrastructure with collaboration with local administration. The company has also contributed to OSDMA to support Government of Odisha's fight against COVID 19 and initiatives to reconstruct Odisha from the damage caused by severe cyclone FANI.

Distribution of Pulse Oximeter

Five Year's Initiatives

In FY 17-18 the CSR spent was Rs. 9.44 lac comprising of donation to local administration for arranging midday meal and infrastructure development in the outdoor unit in Remuna CHC. FY 18-19 embarked spending of Rs. 12.16 lac contributing for mid day meal scheme and building infrastructure in Remuna CHC. That year the Company also contributed for maintenance of local infrastructure. In FY 19-20 the CSR spent was Rs. 13.74 lac encompassing Company's initiatives for contribution towards OSDMA for cyclone rehabilitation. In that year the CSR portfolio included infrastructure building in local primary schools namely Govt. Girls High School, Remuna and Nugaparhi UGME School, and arranging for blood donation and COVID-19 relief camps.

Balgopalpur Village - Internal Cemented Road

The year 2020-21 was very tiring as disastrous COVID-19 hit humanity with an unprecedented measure. The CSR initiatives during 20-21 was mostly directed towards COVID-19 relieves where the Company spend major portion of its CSR contribution towards preventive health care and COVID-19 rehabilitation. The total expenditure for the Company towards CSR was Rs. 16.49 lac in that year. In financial year 21-22 the Company continued to contribute to OSDMA towards COVID-19 rehabilitation and arranging for preventive health care camps against the Pandemic. This year the company spent a major portion of its CSR initiatives for Remuna High School, Balasore with collaboration with local administration. The project aims at infrastructure building in local schools to transform them into smart schools. Apart from that, the Company also contributed for infrastructure development in Balgopalpur village and Remuna CHC. The Company spent its entire budget of Rs. 22.06 lac in FY 21-22.

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